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Bankable helps over-leveraged business get credit by paying down their existing debt so they can qualify for up to $3M in new credit.
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Avg Payment ($100K Loan)
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We've helped over 15,500 businesses.
As a business owner, there's more important things for you to focus on than managing debt. That's why we built Bankable.
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We start by assessing your situation before paying off your debt to boost your credit score and get you up to $3M in funds.
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Elizabeth S.
Seattle, WA
"Working with Bankable has been the best decision we’ve made for our business. They really took the time to get to know us, our business and our needs."
David D.
New York, NY
"Their expertise and commitment to finding tailored financing solutions helped me get approved for a $250k business line of credit and $149k in personal credit."
Mary J.
Naples, FL
"Despite having $150k in personal & business debt, they arranged a receivables advance to pay off my debt and deferred payments until my credit was updated."
Jeff Gordons
Boston, MA
No surprises, no unnecessary hoops and best of all, no getting turned down! I can’t believe you even paid my closing fees. You’ve taken a million pounds off my back .
Kate H.
Dallas, TX
"They helped me avoid the hassle of going bank to bank, getting declined and doing it all over again. The whole process was stress-free and now I have the money I need."

Frequently asked questions

What types of businesses qualify?
The only requirements for eligibility are (1) Be a for-profit business that is officially registered and operates legally, (2) Is physically located and operates in the U.S. or its territories, (3) Have invested your own time or money into the business and (4) Have a sound business purpose that provides the ability to repay.
What will lending partners be looking for?
Depending on the type of funding you need, you’ll need to provide specific paperwork which we will discuss with you during your free Discovery Strategy Session. Some of the factors lenders look for are credit repayment history, your business credit score and financial standing, available collateral and your debt to income ratio. Even if you don’t meet the stricter requirements of other lenders, Bankable will find a way to get you funding fast so you can put your money pains in the past.
Our mission is to help you get the money your business needs, regardless of your current standing. If you’re stressed out, stop worrying. We can give you the money to pay down or restructure your debt burden, improve your credit score quickly and even pay your origination and closing costs to make sure you get qualified.
How is my loan size determined?
We like to ask “How much do you need?” and figure out how to get it. But depending on the type of funding you need, your loan amount may be determined by a number of factors, including business size, time in business, your credit score, the amount of collateral you have or up to 80% of your accounts receivable.
What are the terms, APRs, and fees?
Loan terms, interest rates and repayment fees are determined by the specific type of funding you wish to secure. However, we guarantee we’ll put together a funding package from the best products on the market with the lowest possible Annual Percentage Rate and the best possible repayment fees for your specific situation. On average, our APR rates are lower than 97% of all business loans.
We believe your business matters and that getting the funding you need when you really need it, should be easy. That’s why we put our money where our mouth is, forego profits for your best interest and even lend you money so you get approved for the best rates and terms possible. We keep you in the loop the entire process, always advise you with honesty and transparency and act with your best interests in mind. If you’ve been turned down elsewhere, give us a try and we’ll get through this together.

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